Instagram of the week #23: Il racconto della mia settimana



Instagram of the week #23: Il racconto della mia settimana

Il post di oggi è un vero e proprio racconto giorno per giorno della mia settimana, attraverso le foto scattate quotidianamente sul mio profilo Instagram (@lauracomolli). Quelle di voi che già mi seguono su questo social probabilmente l’hanno già vissuta passo passo insieme a me, tuttavia non trovate che sia molto carino rivedere tutti questi momenti raggruppati insieme in un unico post? A me piace tantissimo ritrovarmi il sabato davanti alla settimana appena passata e riguardarla attraverso queste foto. E’ stata una settimana bellissima e molto movimentata. Iniziata con un weekend all’insegna dell’amore in compagnia del mio Lui e proseguita tra impegni di lavoro, eventi ed una capatina a Milano per due progetti speciali con due brand che adoro, Dior e Redken. Abbiamo lanciato il nuovo layout del blog e i vostri feedback sono stati positivissimi: grazie per l’affetto che mi mostrate ogni giorno qui e sui miei canali social, non sapete cosa significhi per me!
Vi lascio alla carrellata di immagini e spero tanto che vi piacciano!
Buon sabato a tutte voi!


Instagram of the week #23: The diary of my week

Today’s post is the diary day by day of the past week through pictures shared every day on my Instagram profile (@lauracomolli). Those of you who already follow me on this social probably have already lived these memories step by step with me, but I find very nice to see all these beautiful moments grouped all together in a single post. I really like finding myself on Saturday in front of the past week and live it again through these photos. It was a beautiful and busy week. It began with a weekend in the company of my love and continued between work commitments, events and a trip to Milan for two special projects with two brands that I love so much, Dior and Redken. We launched the new layout of the blog and you all like it very much: thanks for the love you shared, it means the world to me!
Scroll down the post for all the pictures details: hope you like it!
Happy Saturday everyone!

Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back and realize they were the big things. Happy Saturday everyone! Click HERE for the full post!


At Paratissima 10 with Auronia: can you find me on the tee and on the portrait?


Smack! Do you remember this moment? Check out HERE for more details!


Goodmorning and happy Monday everyone! Thank you for the nice feedbacks on my handmade biscuits (without butter) photo: you can fin the whole recipe HERE!


White makes everything more elegant and classy! How to dress up for a very special night out with a low budget? All the details HERE!


Goodmorning and happy Tuesday! This week we presented the new Purses&I with a very special post!


New mail from Paris: I’m in love with these Barbara Rihl clutches and their travel mood!


New clothes on my Depop profile: you can find them HERE!


What to wear for a working day? Check out the outfit inspiration HERE!


Red is timeless! Which are your favorite nails colors for this winter? You can fin my 9 favorite Dior nailpolishes HERE!


Jus met this cute friend: I’m in love, and you? (Kiki don’t be jealous :)


If nothing ever change, there’d be no butterflies: wearing Zizù la femme faux fur and Ottaviani bitterfly necklace! Soon on the blog!


Ready, steady, go! On my way to Milan for two special projects with Dior and Redken Italy! (wearing Mariella Rosati coat and Barbara Rihl clutch)


Trying the new Diorific Golden Shock top coat at Dior corner in Rinascente, Milan!


Redken Italy new hair makeup Color Rebel: which color should I try? Purple, gold, red or pink?


Goodmorning Milan! Happy Friday everyone!


Details matter: travel mood with Barbara Rihl clutch…getting ready for leaving on Monday: next stop?


Miss Dior and J’Adore: definitely my favorites fragrances! And yours?


At #TassoniInDrogheria event trying the new Tassoni cocktails: American Cedric and Tonic Mule!


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  1. Che belle foto! Io ti seguo su Instagram e quindi non me li ero persa! :) Comunque il nuovo layout del blog piace molto anche a me :)

    bacio e buon lunedì


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